Memory Work Binder 2017-2018

Oct 04, 2017
1 Minute to Read

Welcome, homeschool families! Are you doing "Morning Time" or Memory Work with your kids? Do you need a way to organize and keep track of what you are doing?

Check out my video tour of my Memory Work Binder and see if it sparks some creativity in you for your family.

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Interestingly our "Morning Time" is not in the mornings anymore. It fits in around lunch time, so that's why I called it my "Memory Work" binder. So it really could be used any time!

Here are the links to the resources I mentioned:

Pam Barnill: Your Morning Basket Podcast Pam's Morning Time Resources The Lovely Homeschool Course by MacKenzie Monroe (Which is, sadly, not available again until the Spring 2018!) All About Morning Time by Mystie Winkler (Incredible reasource page that would keep you busy for hours!)

{FREE Printables!} The calendar pages were from the Calendar Binder at Motherhood on a Dime